Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Entry

This year was tough and i really struggled to stay focused on creating pieces for my portfolio. However, when i did focus i was proud of the speed in which i could paint. My goal for my concentration was simply to have twelve pieces by the end of the year, and although i cut a few corners i did succeed in that.
My advice for next years AP students is to commit to a concentration that you feel passionate about early on. You do not want to be halfway through the year and realize you are tired of painting horses. Also, do the opposite of what i did. Meaning: use your class time, don't procrastinate, and give yourself more than 12 hours to finish a painting. That is, if you can't handle stress. Procrastinating may have worked for me, but I can't focus unless i have insane amounts of stress tying me down. The one thing i did which i can advise others to do as well is to love art. Without that intense passion for creating, you will not survive this class. If art is something you just do in school for an easy A this class is not for you. But if you feel the need to create whenever you have a moment to yourself, or you find yourself wandering into galleries, not to look cool, but to genuinely appreciate others art, then you will thrive in this class. Good luck

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Mark Andres is a local artist who's work really caught my eye. His style is simplistic and almost cartoon like with boxed off scenes but his subject matter is often racy. The hues and tones was the first thing that attracted me to his work. In some paintings he uses all imaginable colors but in others he only uses one. I am very inspired by his ability to integrate natural forms with industrial objects in a cohesive story. I want to incorporate storytelling into my next piece. I have wanted to do a racy depiction of "skin" for a while and i think this would be a perfect opportunity. im thinking a man and a woman in a nude embrace, nothing would be exposed but it will be very suggestive.

Most of my remaining pieces are going to be portraits so i wanted to find a really great portraitist to inspire me. Jim Torok did just that. His subjects remain emotionless but he is still able to capture their personalities. His paintings and drawings all look like photographs but not to the point were it fails to be art.

Friday, February 27, 2009

February Critique

Race is a concept i thought i needed to address in my concentration. I challenged myself by using Caucasian hands for reference. initially i was very frustrated with finding the right pigments and tones but I'm happy with the final product. I am slightly worried that the hands look like they should be holding something... do you think i should add anything and if so, what?

With my second piece i wanted to portray discoloration of the eyes due to lack of sleep. It sort of reads like black eyes or makeup. I just finished this last night so I'm not quite sure how i feel about it.

Concentration: Exploration of skin, focusing on how change in texture and color impact the observer differently? (should i include how it can impact identity?)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Concentration check up

+ the lips which have not been photographed as of yet.
i am way behind. you could say im skrewed even.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

its time for a little self reflection

With the end of my senior year quickly aproaching i am becoming steadily more nervous. Senioritis has obviously taken hold and i find myself less motivated to paint. as you all probably noticed, my work this last critique was not up to my standard. consequently, i will not be using those two peices in my concentration. This means i now only have four pieces, one which still needs work. I cant slack off in these remaining months or else i will not have a complete portfolio to submit to AP. of course, that would not be the end of the world but i would be very disapointed in myself. So, this is a sort of wake up call for me. My goal for the next month is to find the drive to paint through my love for creating art, and not focus on the assignment aspect. Because as most people know, if it is an assignment i will always procrastinate untill the last possible second. Its just how i work, but obviously with art i cant always make great stuff in a few hours time. SO ITS TIME TO GET INTO GEAR AMANDA! working hard, although similar sounding is not the same as hardly working!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


i have decided to change my concentration. i know, no more boobs :( but i honestly think it would have driven me crazy to paint tits all year long. so my new concentration is.... skin. that means i can still use my first painting.

some ideas:
-lip skin (old)
-freckles (portrait)
-stretch marks?
-hands (young and old, intertwined, drawing)
-eye lids

Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer work thus far

a couple of these need touch-ups before they are complete. i did the majority of the work in Colorado at the Marie Walsh summer program. it was amazing and made me a better artist/person.
i will probably be bringing in more than this to the first day of AP art so i can pick and choose what i want in my breadth section this year.